About Me

The Steelworker's Daughter is a new metal art business founded by Debbie Boghossian.  This small business is as small as it gets — a one-gal operation. Debbie worked as an elementary teacher and full-time mom of three fabulous kids.  For years, she was trying to figure out a way to work from home, be creative, and provide an income to help support her family. 

Why metal art, you might ask?  It must be in her blood.  Debbie's dad, Mike, worked as a steelworker right out of high school until the day he retired, first as a mechanic and then a welder.  The only intermission he had from the steel mill was after he was drafted and served in the Vietnam War. Debbie's mom, Carol, is an artist as well. As a child, Debbie would spend time looking at her mother's charcoal drawings she would sketch in notebooks.  

Debbie is a self-taught metal artist who has found inspiration through her dad's metal work and her mother's love of drawing and painting.  Their passions inspired the birth of The Steelworker's Daughter.  Deb's connection to her parents has led her to explore this art form that she hopes to share with you.