How it Works

Making the Decor

1. The Design - It starts with an idea, an inspiration, or a doodle. Then that idea gets drawn directly onto the piece of metal, or a computer softward program is used to draw the piece.

2. Cutting - Cutting is done with a plasma cutter, either by hand or with the aid of a CNC table. 

3. Cleaning - The metal piece takes an overnight vinegar bath to help remove mill scale and any dross on the metal.

4. Sanding - Using a metal grinder, each piece is sanded by hand to remove any dross left over, mill scale, and rough edges and then given a polish with a flap disc.

5. Finishing - You can choose between our raw, flame-painted or metal-dyed finishes. See our detailed description of each finish here.

Please note that the majority of this work is done by hand, so there will be minor imperfections.