1920s Hand-Cut Antique Can

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Vintage 5-gallon, fluted oil can, circa 1920s. Roughly 100 years old and in great condition for its age.  

Purchased from a gentleman in Chicago who was clearing out his father’s estate. At that time, it was well rusted with hints of black paint. I have sanded it down to bare metal, and given it a fresh coat of black paint. 

An embossed metal tag reads GEO. D. ELLIS & SONS, INC. ELLISCO 199 33 MINN MASS APPROVED O.S.3. Embossed lettering, on the can, reads 5 GALLON LIQUID PAT 2059292. The removable lid reads ELLISCO TURN LEFT TO OPEN TURN RIGHT O CLOSE. 

Measures 20.5” tall x 11” wide and weighs just over 11 lbs. 

Turn this can into a luminary and add a string of battery-operated lights (not included).