Flying Witch on Broomstick Metal Tree Stake

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Add a little fun to your Halloween decor with this witch on a broomstick tree stake. She is she is sure to catch everyone’s eye as she takes flight with her pet cat. 


Measuring 11.9” wide and 8.3” tall and made from a minimum of 11-gauge or 1/8” steel.  Several layers of patina have been used to get a copper, flame painted, with hints of black effect. This piece has been clear coated to add shine and protection. Over time, a rusty patina will develop.  There will be some minor imperfections as each piece is created by hand and your piece may look slightly different in color than the picture presented.

Instructions:  Grab a hammer, and a few tap-tap-taps and you’re all set.  For hardwood, predrill a hole and tap in. 

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